Dog Walking

Good walks aren't just about staying physically fit for a dog. Dogs also need sensory stimuation and, like people, a little fun and entertainment to stay mentally fit. This is why all of our walks take place in the countryside on varied routes designed to be fun and interesting for the dogs as well as active.

Walking with us means that your dog will have plenty of stimulating off-leash exercise, a lot of fun and a great chance to socialise with other dogs. Even if your dog has recall issues, we can still give them off-leash time in a safe, natural environment where they can enjoy the same rural outdoor experience that all of our dogs get.

How it works

Each walk lasts for an hour excluding journey time. We will pick up and return your dog in our pet-mobile which is specially fitted to transport them safely and comfortably. All dogs are kept on the leash during on- and off-loading.

As we go out in all weathers over a wide variety of terrain, a basic clean and towel dry is included in the service where necessary so that you don't have to worry about muddy paws or wet fur but please leave out a towel for your dog to be dried. If the walk is part of a pet visit, we will also feed and change water when required at your home.

Consultations to meet your dog before their first walk with us and assess their walking needs / group compatibility are free. Any idiosyncracies will be sorted face to face at this initial consultation. When booking, please allow time to arrange this as we do need to know your dog to place them in the right group for them.

We strongly discourage and may refuse to walk unneutered males. Females on heat will not be walked and preferably should be spayed. We particularly encourage regulars which we would define as at least two walks a week and preferably five.

Group walks

£12 per dog / £10 for 5 walk per week regulars / £6 for second dog
Group walks involve no more than 12 well-matched dogs as this allows for each dog to receive an equal amount of attention. We take great care to ensure that walking groups are compatible in terms of both fitness and social ability so that no one is frightened, bullied or feels left out.

If anything happens at home to unsettle your dog please let Dug know as this may manifest itself whilst walking. Please see our facebook page for up to date pictures and videos.

Group walk requirements

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